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Accruals - "AccrueUp" Line/Arguements
The "accrueup" line/script consists of 5 arguments:

accrueup ("bucket name/category", amount, maximum cap, vesting date, expiration date);

Though we can have 5 arguments an accrueup line only requires the first two. For example:

accrueup("PTO", 8);

Also if one of the arguments does not apply, just leave it blank by using double quotation marks. For example:

accrueup("Vacation", 3.33, 80, "", dateserial(reportingdate.year, 12, 31));

With the above line it shows that:

1. We are accruing up "Vacation"
2. We are accruing up 3.33 hours
3. We can accrue up to a max of 80 hours
4. They DO NOT have any vesting requirements so this is left with the "" quotes
5. Any accrual balances will expire on December 31 of every year

Date Created
8/18/2017 9:38:50 AM
Date Updated
8/21/2017 12:21:35 PM
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