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TimeWorks Plus: Round to a Specific Decimal Place
We can in TimeWorks Plus round amounts to a specific decimal places. In some cases users would like amounts calculated in our system to do so usually to the Hundredth place (2 places to the right of the decimal).

A basic example would be rounding 123.456 to the hundredth decimal place (123.46). Below is a script to do so:

round (123.456,2);

The "2" after the comma signifies the decimal place to be rounded to.

Another option with this would be to round hours. This rarely comes up and usually only if there is some math applied to minipulate hours. An exmaple of this would be:

hours = round(hours,2);
Date Created
8/29/2013 7:41:18 AM
Date Updated
9/6/2017 8:58:17 AM
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