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WebClock - WebClock Overview
The WebClock enabled by going to Accountant Menu > Miscellaneous Settings and insuring that "DisableWebClock" is unchecked, allows employees to make in and out punches online as you would with our physical clocks.

You can also check employee time cards using the "View Timecard" and check (if the client is using the Scheduling feature) the employee's schedule using the "View Schedule" link.

To use any of these feature you can go to either of the below web sites;

WebClock 1.0

SwipeClock Branded - https://www.swipeclock.com/sc/clock/webclock.asp
Unbranded - https://www.payrollservers.us/sc/clock/webclock.asp

WebClock 2.0

SwipeClock Branded - https://www.swipeclock.com/webclock/
Unbranded - https://payrollservers.us/webclock/

The WebClock 1.0 and WebClock 2.0 have differences with 2.0 adding additional features and bug fixes that 1.0 does not.

==NOTE: A difference that may affect employees using the WebClock is that to enhance security WebClock 2.0 checks for case for the password ONLY. Meaning if they use upper and or lower case letters in their password they MUST enter it in, in the proper case.

WebClock 1.0 is not case sensitive in either the password or login.==

More information on WebClock 2.0's enhancements can be found here WebClock - WebClock 2.0 Brief Overview and Documentation.

Be sure that you have enabled WebClock for the employee by checking 'Web Clock Enabled' in the employee setup.

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